YouTube Marketing and YouTube SEO Fundamentals

Got great content? Then make the most of it with this YouTube Marketing course!


Do you make great video content and dream of making it big on YouTube? But you don’t know anything about YouTube Marketing?

You don’t need to be great at YouTube marketing in order to be successful on YouTube. YouTube is not complicated. This course will give you everything you need to succeed on YouTube, and it will do it within about one hour (trust me, that is all you need).

You should take this course if:

– You are about to start a YouTube channel and want to start the right way.

– You have a YouTube channel, but it is not getting as much traffic as you think it should.

– You are generally interested in how YouTube works (entrepreneursdigital marketers etc.).

This course will make sure that your video content has the best chance possible of being seen by as many people as possible. Topics include:

– YouTube Marketing strategy.

– Checking if videos are worth making or uploading (video marketing).

– Basics of KeywordsSEO and SERP.

– How to SEO optimise your YouTube channel.

– How to create channel artthumbnails, and a logo.

– How to SEO optimise your YouTube videos.

– Toolstips and secrets, to help you get more views and subscribers.

Who teaches this course?

Jon Russell – I have built several YouTube channels over the past 5 years. My company channel (saVRee) currently gets about 40k views per day; it was started about 22 months ago (September 2018). The channel continues to grow and at a consistently accelerating rate.

This course is part of a series covering online entrepreneurship. When I quit my job several years ago, I had a very limited budget and big dreams. I want to teach people some of what I have learnt whilst journeying from lonely solo-entrepreneur, to raising money, having a business that operates with 15 people, over 25,000 online students, and over 40,000 YouTube subscribers. These courses are for real world entrepreneurs who want to know what it is really like to build a business.

I hope this course will help you achieve your goals!

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