Premiere Pro Basics Plus 10 Steps Workflow (Start to Finish)

Edit you 1st Video using the 10 Steps Workflow (Start to Finish) in Premiere Pro


So you finally decided to be a video editor?

then you start searching how to articles in the internet. that leads to another and another one..  with lots of different ideas and opinions, things starting to get tiring, confusing  and overwhelming,.

thats exactly where I am 7 years ago..I want to be a video editor and read tons of articles,, watching thousands of free videos.. experiencing mistakes and frustrations editing video.. but I decided and dedicate myself  to find simple way of editing video ..and have solid step by step workflow when editing video.

using this workflow I was able to create videos like wedding, travel videos, vlog and multiple events using this I was able to see the big picture of my entire project then I was able to enjoy editing videos again..but it take me years and hard work and learn from my own mistake  to  where I am right now. and I saw a lot of beginners asking questions and get easily confused to edit their video.

so to help them out and save time I condensed my years of experience have a simple 10 steps workflow on how they can edit their videos

were gonna go from start to finish..

things to know before you begin, start new project , know the interface, import audio and video, assembling and editing timeline, add titles, effects edit color, audio design, speed duration and exporting your video.

once they  have a solid understanding of the  basics of a workflow they  can easily tweak it  and make your own workflow depending on their own style

So make sure you ENROLL now to see my 10 steps workflow in premiere pro and you dont want to miss this. see you inside.

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