Maya Fume FX 4

Take a production shot from start to finish. Learn to burn a falling object in Maya Fume FX 4, and render it in Arnold.

What you’ll learn in a Maya Fume FX 4

  • Take a production shot from start to finish, from simulating the explosion to rendering and compositing
  • Create a burning an object crashing to the ground with maya.
  • Render in Arnold
  • Composite a”slap comp” quickly in Nuke.

Requirements for Maya Fume FX 4

  • Maya
  • Fume FX
  • Arnold for Maya
  • Nuke (Not required)


This course is designed to take any shot in production from start to finish. A useful pipeline of taking any geometry, making it suitable for simulation, creating the shot, rendering it, and finally putting it together quickly in a compositing package. This course is designed to teach you the method of creating any effect so you can create your own setups and effects.

Who this course is for:

  • Any 3D artist wanting to learn fluids and volume rendering. This course is built for a VFX artist with a little knowledge of fluid dynamics and Fume FX.

Source – udemy

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