Linux fundamentals

A detailed course on Linux fundamentals and Basics with most common Linux commands.

What you’ll learn in Linux fundamentals

  • Good knowledge about Linux and various commands
  • Automate their Daily Manual activities
  • Work quickly and comfortably with their project

Requirements for Linux fundamentals course

  • Interest to learn Linux
  • Knowledge of operating Laptop/Desktop with Internet facility


Are you new to Linux? Do you want to learn Linux from scratch?

I have developed a detailed course on Linux basics and commands.

I have developed scripts to setup lab environment and workspaces, that will help you to gain hands-on experience.

You will learn all the important basic commands with frequently used options.

This course will be updated periodically. I will include more advanced topics eventually.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to experts who wants to Learn Linux
  • Professionals who are willing to take Linux Certifications
  • Candidates who are about to take Linux Interviews

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