The Power Of Linux Is In The Linux Command Line Combined With Switches And Other Commands.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to use simple commands and then combine them with other Linux Command Line, switches, and options to create more complex tasks. Students can learn to achieve tasks faster and more effective than using the graphical user interface.


  • You should have at Least A Computer with Internet access; I recommend using a second computer dedicated for Linux.


Learn to use the basic commands in Bash Shell. Performing different tasks using various commands. Using file related commands, directories, searching the system, and troubleshooting your Internet connection, and much more.

The course will cover the use of pipe to filter the output, and some of the switches used to add functionality for the basic commands.

Using Linux command line has many advantages:

The power of Linux appears in the shell commands. What you can achieve using the commands can’t be accomplished by using the Graphical User Interface all the time. Although Linux GUI improved over the years, its functionality is still lacking in many aspects.

Also, using the commands to execute tasks is much easier and faster than trying to find the corresponding GUI icon or software.

Using the shell commands is the only way to perform complex tasks when you are working with server administration, like: web server, email server, DNS server, and other servers.

Using command reduces the time and effort to search the GUI for programs that does the same simple tasks.

You can increase the power and complexity of a task by combining commands together in order to produce certain output or result.

The commands in Linux Bash Shell enables the user to perform tasks that can’t be done efficiently. For example, if you need to check connectivity to a website, you type at the command: ping with the URL for example.

If you want to do this task without using the shell commands, you will have to search for a program, install it, and use the GUI of that program.

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