Android O

Android O from scratch. You will be writing a simple and sufficient API in IDE for HAL implementation.

What you’ll learn in Android O

  • Understanding of android HAL in Android Oreo (8.0) onwards i.e. (Android O, P, Q)


  • Ubuntu OS installed PC to download and compile Android repo
  • Some knowledge of C++

Description of Android O

This course is a preview version yet complete and is free to take up the course. The course is yet to get updates to incorporate your and expert’s feedback. The course is designed by considering beginner and intermediate level developers. This course is right for you if coming to android system development from being an application developer or kernel developer. This course is also good for senior levels, managers, who want to understand the heck of android HAL development.

It is my humble request to you to give your time and complete this course. Reach out to me to give feedback so that I could improve this course and can make more courses for you to get the benefit of most of the topics. Keep watching for notifications and your registered email inbox for future updates on this course as well as other exciting courses.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Android OS developer
  • Android porting into custom/new hardware
  • People experimenting Android in the device like RaspberryPi, Qualcomm or Mediatek processor but not limited
  • Customizing Android for new kind of product
  • Operating system developer entering into Android space
  • Kernel developer entering into Android space
  • Application developer who wants to understand embedded part of Android

source – udemy

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